For Tenants

Who we are and what we do

GDR Property Management, LLC is a company hired by individual homeowners to find tenants for them, collect the rent, monitor the house, and organize necessary repairs on their behalf.  In short, we work for the property owner.  Below, we will be referencing certain documents.  The “Documents” page of our website provides access to these documents; our rental application, 30-day notice form, move-out instructions, maintenance request, and other key documents.

Our relationship with you

While we work for the owner, we understand that you are very important.  Without tenants, we would not be in business!  We strive to provide top-notch service and well-maintained homes offered at competitive rents in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Los Lunas, East Mountain, Placitas, and Corrales.  

How we operate

If you are interested in a house, contact our office to get more information or schedule a showing.  We do not rent houses sight unseen unless the applicant is out of state.  One of our leasing agents will meet you there and will walk you through the property.  Once you have decided you'd like to rent the house you will be required to submit an application and app fee.  We highly recommend you put down the full deposit. 

We conduct very thorough background checks, including verification of previous rental history, current employment, criminal background, and review of credit reports.  Further details regarding application criteria and paperwork requirements are included with the application itself.  It is extremely important you complete the application IN FULL and submit ALL require documents.  Failure to be thorough with your application may result in a delay of approval or application denial.  Once your application is approved you will have to sign a lease and provide the required funds in order to move in.  You will then pay rent to our office and report any maintenance or other issues directly to us.  Whenever you have questions or concerns you can call or email us for help.

Prior to taking possession of the house, you will need to contact the utility companies and set up your own accounts with them as of the date you get possession of the home.  If you do not contact the utility companies, your utilities will be shut off within a day or two.  If your utilities are turned off you will responsible for any costs associated with getting them turned back on, which could include emergency maintenance.


You will need to submit maintenance requests in writing, except in cases of emergencies.  You can go to the "Documents" page on our website to download a maintenance request to bring by the office, fax, or scan and email.  You can also email for non-emergency issues.  We work for the homeowner and are unable to complete repairs without specific homeowner authorization.  For some issues it may take several days to get final approval.  There are non-imperative items that owners are not required to fix, and while we encourage our clients to make most repairs, we can only do so much.  Non–imperative items include, but are not limited to, drip/sprinkler systems, washer/dryer sets, dishwashers, aesthetic issues like paint and wall repairs, window coverings, etc.  We do our best to meet our tenant’s maintenance needs and it is typically at the expense of the property owner but there are occasions tenants will be billed back for maintenance service.  For example, if an inoperable garbage disposal is reported and the cause of the issue is found to be items like fish tank rocks, broken glass, cutlery, etc., you will be charged for that repair. 

Another common tenant charge back is an after-hours call that is not an actual emergency.  An emergency is an unexpected, especially dangerous happening or situation that if left unattended, will result in physical damage to a property or person.  A heater or water heater that is not working is not an emergency, it is an inconvenience that can be addressed during business hours the next day.  However, if that appliance quits working on Friday evening, please call because the next business day is Monday and we do not want you to be without heat or hot water over a weekend if it can be helped.  If you have a maintenance issue that comes up during the evening, please send an email that evening or as early as possible the next morning so we may have as much time during the day to address it.  Do not use email for actual emergencies, use the emergency phone, 505.489.1327.  You may call or text, but text is preferred.


When you decide to terminate your lease, you will need to provide a written (minimum) 30-day notice to our office that you are vacating the property.  That notice must clearly state the property address, the date you are vacating, and it must be signed by all of the lessees.  The notice must be RECEIVED by our office prior to the first day of the month.  For instance, if you want to vacate January 31st, we must receive your notice by January 1st.  If you plan to vacate in the middle of a month, you will be responsible for the entire month of rent.  For instance, if you'd like to vacate March 15th, you must give us notice by March 1st and you will owe rent and all utilities through March 31st.  Even if you give notice on February 1st or 15th, you cannot stop paying rent or move out March 15th, you owe the entire month of rent and utilities.  We are unable to pro-rate rents for move outs, no matter when your move in date was or when you give your notice to vacate. 

Included with your lease are a blank move in condition report for you to fill out and return, a 30-notice-to-vacate form, and move out cleaning and procedural instructions.  You should follow those instructions precisely.  After you turn in keys (and any openers or gate transmitters) to our office we will do a thorough property inspection to determine property condition and damages.  We then check our records, photos, and your move-in report to determine which damages are normal wear or pre-existing.  You may be charged for anything that is not included in either of those categories.  It is imperative you are thorough in your move-in report and that you return it to our office by the required date.  We also recommend you retain a copy initialed by someone at our office. 

We will send an itemized disposition of your deposit funds and any refund due to your forwarding address.  If you did not provide a forwarding address we will mail it to your last known address.  Deposit refunds are issued in one check made out to all lessees, including co-signers and roommates.  Any questions or concerns regarding the deposit must be submitted in writing to our office within thirty days of the disposition date.  If no dispute is received within that time frame, the charges are deemed to be accepted and are final.  

Rental Reference

GDR will provide an honest rental reference based on your payment history, as well as any other relevant information, which may include HOA violations, NSF checks, destructive pets, neighbor complaints, etc.  We will provide rental history to inquiring parties only if they provide us with a signed release of information and you have already provided a notice that you will be vacating.