Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we offer a wide range of landlord and management services, from full service management to "a la carte" service options. from finding, screening, and signing a lease with great tenants to photographing your home, writing ad copy, and inspecting your investment to ensure it is being properly maintained. We can help, just let us know what you need.

Our Story

Sarah Rich, the owner and qualifying broker for GDR Property Solutions, LLC has been managing properties for over 15 years. After almost fifteen years of providing full-service property management to thousands of clients, we are now also offering limited service options as well as sales!  We are well-versed in every aspect of residential management and are confident that our philosophies and solutions will work for you. We are committed to long term business relationships and have cultivated a philosophy and culture in which the goals of GDR consistently align with those of our clients.  

Sarah grew up in a real estate family, has been actively involved in real estate since high school, and has been a licensed real estate broker since 1999.  She assisted some of the top residential sales producers in the state of New Mexico for several years, and after working with them, she worked as an assistant to a high volume Bank of America mortgage broker.  She obtained her real estate license at age 20 and purchased her first home the same year.  She still owns that home and it is one of the houses we currently manage.  She also holds a NM contractor's license, as well as a BA in political science from the University of New Mexico. She has worked in every aspect of what we do and knows how to do it all.

Michelle Mendoza, our Operations Manager, is an Associate Broker and has been with GDR for several year. She is well versed in our administrative functions, as well as our inspection, leasing, and maintenance processes. She has worked in every position we offer and can help homeowners, investors, and tenants with their needs. She has also worked extensively with real estate agents to help get clients' homes ready to go, whether it be for lease or for sale.

Melissa Gonzales is our leasing agent and has proven herself to be resourceful and intuitive about our processes and policies. She works with tenants, vendors, and owners to create an open line of communication, providing information and resources as needed. 

We rely on partners at Rich Construction to smoothly operate and ensure our owners and clients receive the best services possible. Isaiah Parra, our support staff, and our service technicians have an amazing array of knowledge and are happy to go through any information and creative problem solving we may need. 

Here at GDR, we understand that that your rental home is much more than an investment.  For some it is a long term plan to ensure future security, for others renting out a property is simply a temporary measure to avoid financial problems until a home can be sold.  We get it, and we strive to provide individualized services and guidance that fits your individual needs. How can we help?

Our Philosophy

We want to be a great company that has happy homeowners and happy residents.  We don't want to be the biggest, we want to be the best.  We help our owners maintain their homes to a higher standard than the norm.  We have found some homeowners to be resistant to repairs and upgrades, but over the years we have realized there is a much higher payout to the property owners who maintain their houses well.  The highest costs to an owner, bar none, are vacancy costs.  There is a tremendous loss to a homeowner each month the house is vacant. Those expenses include loan payments, utilities, yard upkeep, general repairs, paint, and flooring.  The longer a tenant stays, the less frequently an owner will incur vacancy costs.  We try to increase the average length of tenancies, helping owners keep their costs lower.  Another benefit of performing repairs to keep the home nice, rather than simply livable, is that tenants tend keep nice houses nicer.  We like to say that a tenant will take care of the house the same way you do.  This means that if they move in and you refuse to replace a washing machine that breaks, they are less likely to stay in the house past their initial lease term, but they are also less likely to keep the house as nicely as they would otherwise.  Further, once a house is ready to move into, houses that have been upgraded attract better tenants and rent more quickly.  While it can be difficult in the moment to approve repairs that are not necessarily required, it is ill-advised to consider only the short term time frame.  We are always trying to work in the best interest of the homeowners we work with, but we also want to do the best we can for the tenants who are renting our clients' homes.  It is important to us that tenants be satisfied and tell their friends about our company.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising!