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We provide an amazing range of well-maintained homes that fit any need or budget.  From Nob Hill to the North Valley, High Desert to Rio Rancho, and everything in between, we are certain to have what you need!  We have leasing agents available for individualized home showings.  We also do well property check ups on vacation homes and homes listed for sale and we will coordinate any work needing to be done.  If your Realtor is too busy to arrange work for you we can handle it or if you are a Realtor who is tired of managing your clients' homes let us help.     



Whether you need full service management, or just a helping hand, we can help.  Allowing us to fully relieve your management burden will free up your time to do things you enjoy! Don't let dealing with tenants get you down. Another option is to utilize our a la carte landlord services. We can save you both time and money either way.  We understand owning an investment property may seem overwhelming but we know you can do it!  Sometimes you just need a starting point, and GDR is your starting point.  We will do what it takes to help you succeed as a landlord guiding you through the process of tenant selection, leasing, inspecting and maintaining your home in a way that benefits you the most in your particular circumstances.   



We offer personalized services to help you locate and view the homes that will best fit your needs.  We manage many homes ourselves and we also offer tenant placement services for landlords who manage their own homes.  We are happy to walk you through the leasing process from start to finish.  We have access to a network of rental resources many tenants do not have access to.  We know your time is limited and we are here to narrow down the search.  Whether you are looking to buy or looking to rent  GDR is your one -stop shop.